Graphing lobbyist activity

Use this interactive graph to explore disclosed connections between lobbying firms, their clients, lobbyists, and Long Beach city officials. The buttons at the top navigate between each semi-annual report.

Zoom with your mousewheel or trackpad, or pinch to zoom on mobile.
Click/touch and drag to pan.
Click/tap on any person, company or line to highlight that sub-graph. Click again on any node in the subgraph to navigate through connections. Click outside the subgraph to go back to the main graph.
Use the "SWAP VIEW" button to change the path order from FIRM -> CLIENT -> LOBBYIST -> CITY OFFICIAL to FIRM -> LOBBYIST -> CLIENT -> CITY OFFICIAL.
Use the "RE-CENTER" button if you get lost, or the "RESET" button to start over.
Best viewed in landscape on mobile.

● client ● lobbyist ● city official firm ││ official body

Interactive by Dennis Dean, with research assistance from Maria Rempel.
Data from the City of Long Beach Office of the City Clerk. Built with Cytoscape.js [1].
Working data available here for public audit.